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Coil Spreader Machines


Specific advantages of the Micamation spreader machines are a short processing time, high precision and an accurate reproducibility. The SPF as well the MCS are easy to program, to set up and to operate. Corrections can be inserted directly after the forming process. Thereby the coil can be postformed to the correct shape. All spreading machines have the CE-conformity and need only low maintenance. With the manifold options the machine can be customized.




Compact, electro-hydraulic coil spreader machine for coil cross section up to 750 mm2 and coil length up to 3000 mm.



  • Processing of fish, trapezoid and flat coils
  • Length measuring systems in all 15 axes
  • Coil clamping and tower tilting hydraulically driven
  • All other axes movements by electro motors via spindles and gear-wheels
  • Independent involute forming devices
  • Easy programmable PLC for the forming process
  • Simple correction, respective compensation of the "spring-back" effect
  • Separate skewing (angle) position for both slot parts are programmable
  • Easy installation