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We produce automatic machines and process facilities for the production of motors and generators in the range of several kW up to 1500 MW. Micamation is active in the areas of isolating, forming, machining, spare parts, maintenance and service.



Micamation is active worldwide and represented by agents in the main market areas. 



All major electrical groups such as ABB, Alstom, Ansaldo, GE, Hitachi, Hyundai, Siemens, Andritz, Voith and others are amongst our customers. Our clientele includes also sub-contractors to the electrical industry, manufacturers of rotating electrical machines and train/metro repair shops in many countries.

Several of our large customers manufacture globally and some products are manufactured under licence. This results in excellent business relations with all motor and generator manufacturers around the globe.


Market Position:

Micamation is the market leader in insulating technology. We meet the continously growing quality requirements of our customers and actively push the technological barriers.

For this reason, Micamation is preferred supplier with companies such as ABB, Alstom, Andritz and Siemens.


Technology Trend:
The flat-technology for motors and small generators up to 11 kV is a new technology which continously gain acceptance in the market.
With this technology the insulation of coils is faster, simpler and cheaper; the coils are brought into the final form afterwards.


Micamation offers manufacturing equipment for this new technology.



The market always demands the development of new technologies and solutions.

With our innovative design and software departments we ensure that all machines are of highest quality and most modern technology and therefore meet the latest market requirements.

We continuously invest in further development of our products and in extension of our product portfolio.


Market potential:
- Generators for steam and gas turbines
- Generators for hydroelectric power plants
- Wind power plants
- Traction motors for locomotives