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Special Machines


In our sales program we also do have various special machines. Like all Micamation products, all machines are easy to operate, reliable and require low maintenance. The machines fulfill the CE-conformity and can be adapted to customer's needs.




Bar banding machine. Effective machine to apply corona mastic by a sandwich tape to the bar.


  • Two motion controlled axes X/A                          
  • Constant tape tension regardless of the tape roll diameter
  • Tape tension regulation by mechanical disc brakes
  • Quick change of the tape supply rolls
  • Gentle bar moving by caterpillar conveyor
  • Constant overlapping
  • Short changeover time for different bar sizes
  • Centering device for the bar
  • Feeding device for the filling compound
  • Pick up device for the cover foil
  • Processing of filling compound stripes (instead sandwich tapes) optionally possible





New designed machine to press flat coils into "fish formed" coils in order to improve quality by pre forming for further working steps at the coil spreading machine.



  • Two eyelet formers and four press bars for accurate forming                        
  • Control unit and drives integrated in the machine body
  • Simple operation and easy loading and unloading of the machine with coils